State Head

G4K - is providing a business opportunity for Independent Business Associate(BA) across all States designated as State Head to promote the application under the banner of G4K. These applications are based on Software as a Service(SaaS) model and catering to various business. All applications do not have any upfront(initial) pay amount and are purely based on a subscription models. Additionally, business can start using these applications in an hour time post the profile creation.

Currently we have Sahayyam & Vidyaniti as explained in the respective sections which cater to business (B2B & B2C) and Academic institutes. G4K will constantly adding new products to its portfolio so that you will have more products to take to the market and thus a better earning potential for a lifetime.

Who can become a State Head?

  • 1. Any University graduate degree holder
  • 2. Resident of the respective region
  • 3. Having wide knowledge and connect in the region
  • 4. Knowledge of how Web & Mobile based application work
  • 5. Ability to visit cities in the region and appoint City head or BA's in various cities
  • 6. Monitor progress of various BA's in the region
  • 7. Ability to meet the targets set by the company and also motivate BA's to achieve targets
  • Benefits of becoming a State Head?

  • 1. Earn incentives for on-boarding BA's across cities in your region
  • 2. Earn incentives on Sales generated by your BA's in your region
  • 3. Lifetime incentives until associated with the company