G4K Solutions Pvt Ltd. (G4K) an e-commerce company based in Mumbai, India provides an automation platform to all trades with an aim to keep them abreast with the technological advances available today. While we equip trades with the automation, people running the trade can concentrate on the core business and grow multi-fold. G4K will analyse, develop, manage and maintain the applications on behalf of the trades which can be comfortably used without strain. We will also update the application on periodic basis the feedback from the trades and ensure the best of the breed is available for use.

G4K products cater to the following industries:

  • 1. Retail trade (Grocery Stores, Kirana Stores, Sweet Shops, Hardware shops, Automobile, FMCG,
        etc.,generally a B2C solution)
  • 2. C&F Agents (Agents for all manufacturing companies which are a start point in the Supply chain,
        B2B solution)
  • 3. Distributors (Usually 2nd in the Supply chain who managed the goods in bigger market,
        B2B solution)
  • 4. Wholesaler (Local connect for all small trades, B2B solution)
  • 5. Trades into service sector (B2C solutions)
  • 6. Institutes/Study Centres/Coaching class administration
  • Salient features of the solution includes:

  • 1. Sales order visibility in real time
  • 2. Fast moving or more demand products visibility
  • 3. Business visibility in various regions
  • 4. Information available to the management on smart phones
  • 5. Customer can order goods online via the web or smart phone
  • 6. All transaction will on Cash on delivery or any other means as per your convenience
  • 7. Hosted on secure servers ensuring that the information is safe
  • 8. Access to data 24x7 from all types of devices