Sahayyam - a Sanskrit word for assistance is an invitation only application. G4K with this stream will equip the small and medium business(SMB) with the automation required to operate the existing business more efficiently as of today. Also with this automation the traditional business can stay abreast with the competition of the modern retail.

Why Sahayyam?

  • 1. We will equip you with automation to collect all your sales orders from business and customers
        24 x 7
  • 2. The Platform is robust to manage and operate with minimal interference after setup from your
  • 3. Initial investment as for traditional software applications does not apply
  • 4. On-premises application or servers is not required
  • 5. Hosting and maintenance of the application is our responsibility
  • 6. IT Skills or experts not required, you use it as other smart phone or web application
  • 7. Pay as you go, you invest for only the customer base you have
  • 8. Have your own website drive our automation so that you are selling yourself h5
  • 9. Strong customer support for any query resolution
  • 10. Application updates are our responsibility
  • Who will use Sahayyam?

  • 1. All business who sell product or services can register and avail the benefits
  • 2. No geographical constraints, register and start using the application
  • 3. Catering to a business or customer use this application to automate and take advantage of the
  • 4. Big or small business, affordable solution for all
  • 5. Customer can order goods online via the web or smart phone