About Us

It all started with an idea of Sachin to start an e-commerce company more particularly a grocery to cater to the Tier-3 city/town like Vasai nearby Mumbai. With an experience of being a Finance Head and dealing with routine dynamics, business acumen is part of his day to day activities. We started working on the concept sacrificing all our weekend and also after hours from office on a daily basis, finally the concept and business was ready to take off.

Market share or potential market was an important aspect wherein we had to identify a sustainability factor to ensure that we get Return in Investment (ROI) as quickly as possible. Stories of many existing players and dynamics of their online business sometimes made us think twice. We did all the basic work to get an overview of the potential customers and possible share we can encash to our business which presented us the worth to penetrate into the grocery online business. Thus we planned to go with our brand "Go4Kirana".

Every e-commerce is incomplete without logistics in place which we planned owning the investment initially and then switched to a model where we will outsource the same to experts in the business who will manage the same more efficiently than we could do. This would help us in focusing on the core business rather than into the ancillary part of the same. This was a great saving from an investment and management point of view.

Item stock, inventory and replenishment management was a great task, we had lots of permutation and combinations here and finally arrived at an optimal formula to manage the same wherein we will also be one amongst the other grocery vendors in Vasai with a differentiator of being Online only.

During this whole activity which took around 4-6 months the confidence levels went on increasing and finally we were firm and confident with the concept being accepted by the customers in the market. But one school of thought struck to our minds why compete with existing vendors who have already spent their whole career in establishing the business and have a great customer base in their locality. This was the fire which catered us to change the plan from A to B which gave rise to a multi-tenant model. Though the model was very hard for Sachin to digest and buy the same as he was very strong and confident on the initial plan. We had lots of brain storming sessions to educate and convince after which a decision was taken to finally switch to the multi-tenant model wherein we will provide automation to all retailers globally in terms of web and mobile applications. G4K Solutions Pvt Ltd will invest, manage, maintain the automation and retailers will encash the benefits of the same by just subscribing to the model under the product name "Sahayyam"- technology geared.

Sahayyam will provide a platform to all retailers, rather businesses who will have a sales order system which can be leveraged by their customers to start the order to cash process. With this automation we hope to equip all business to have a platform as to the modern retailers and also thus ensure sustainability and growth to the existing business.