Profession Service

G4K Solutions Pvt Ltd. (G4K) an e-commerce company based in Mumbai, India provides an automation platform to all trades with an aim to keep them abreast with the technological advances available today. While we equip trades with the automation, people running the trade can concentrate on the core business and grow multi-fold.

Maximize Profit

Currently we have Sahayyam & Vidyaniti as explained in the respective sections which cater to business (B2B & B2C) and Academic institutes. G4K will constantly adding new products to its portfolio so that you will have more products to take to the market and thus a better earning potential for a lifetime.

CRM Solutions

Sales order visibility in real time.Fast moving or more demand products visibility. Business visibility in various regions. Information available to the management on smart phones. Information available to the management on smart phones. Customer can order goods online via the web or smart phone.

Unlimited Storage

We will equip you with automation to collect all your sales orders from business and customers 24 x 7.The Platform is robust to manage and operate with minimal interference after setup from your end.Initial investment as for traditional software applications does not apply. On-premises application or servers is not required.

Deliver On Time

G4K Product Sahayyam, will equip the business with automation in less than an hour of setup and can use the automation with easy to use interfaces via the web and smart phone applications. Catering to Business to Business(B2B) and Business to Customer(B2C) will provide the perfect combination to operate the business more efficiently.

Enterprise Support

All business who sells product or services can register and avail the benefits. No geographical constraints register and start using the application. Catering to a business or customer use this application to automate and take advantage of the automation. Big or small business, affordable solution for all.